On Sat, Aug 26, 2006 at 11:18:04AM -0700, Chahine Hamila wrote:

> 8.1.2 actually, which I have updated to apply to
> 8.1.4. I posted a patch on the pgcluster mailing list
> but I already have two significant fixes related to
> pgcluster and one minor change related to the upgrade
> itself. I am to use PGCluster in a real time embedded
> fault-tolerant system, so I'm likely to emit a few
> more patches in the way to make it more robust and
> performant on some aspects. That said, my company
> would feel more confortable with the idea that it's
> part of the postgresql mainstream distro for many
> obvious reasons - or we might drop postgresql
> altogether - which is why I'm proposing myself to do

If they're that concerned, why don't they just pay for something like
mammouth replicator? Or pay someone for a support contract.

> the necessary work to integrate it in postgresql if
> there's interest.
> It's pretty non intrusive for your average postgresql
> user who won't see a difference, and very little so
> for a postgresql developer. At the same time, anyone
> wanting replication will have that option in standard.
> It's all benefits. So, should I give it a try?

>From an advocacy standpoint, I'd love to see built-in replication... but
I just don't see it happening. The communities been pretty clear on
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