Chris Browne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Tom Lane) writes:
>> No, because those derived files are not in CVS at all.  What you
>> are describing sounds to me like a clock skew problem.  Is your
>> machine's system clock showing the correct date?

> Odd, odd.  NOT a clock problem.  The .c files were sitting in my
> buildfarm's CVS repository for HEAD.  And yes, indeed, the derived
> files shouldn't have been there at all.  I'm not quite sure how they
> got there in the first place.

> At any rate, after comprehensively looking for yacc-derived files,
> that clears this problem, as well as regression failures with last
> night's commit of COPY (SELECT) TO, which is no bad thing.

I'll bet the way they got there is you did a build in the CVS repository
tree, and then cleaned up with "make distclean" not "make maintainer-clean".

The buildfarm script is supposed to complain about unexpected files in
the repository --- I wonder if it is fooled by the .cvsignore entries
for these files?

                        regards, tom lane

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