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Chris Browne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Tom Lane) writes:
No, because those derived files are not in CVS at all.  What you
are describing sounds to me like a clock skew problem.  Is your
machine's system clock showing the correct date?

Odd, odd.  NOT a clock problem.  The .c files were sitting in my
buildfarm's CVS repository for HEAD.  And yes, indeed, the derived
files shouldn't have been there at all.  I'm not quite sure how they
got there in the first place.

At any rate, after comprehensively looking for yacc-derived files,
that clears this problem, as well as regression failures with last
night's commit of COPY (SELECT) TO, which is no bad thing.

I'll bet the way they got there is you did a build in the CVS repository
tree, and then cleaned up with "make distclean" not "make maintainer-clean".

The buildfarm script is supposed to complain about unexpected files in
the repository --- I wonder if it is fooled by the .cvsignore entries
for these files?

                        regards, tom lane

Yes, we do. A patch made in July 2005 has this comment:

"ignore files listed in cvsignore files - this will stop inappropriate triggering of 
vpath builds."

Perhaps I should only do that for vpath builds. Or perhaps I should even remove them at the end of a build, since we don't expect any of those files in a clean repo, do we?

Also, in case anyone has not got the message yet: Don't ever build by hand in the buildfarm repo. Ever. I mean it. Use a copy.



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