Tom Lane wrote:
> Josh Berkus <> writes:
> > No, it's not.   There's a bunch of patches which we had nothing on -- not 
> > spec, not design draft, not anything -- until we got them on July 20th.  
> > Our current system is to have only one deadline,
> Well, no, it's not.  We have told people till we're blue in the face
> "post early, post often".  Now I will plead guilty to not always having
> spent as much time giving feedback on draft patches as I should've, but
> the process is pretty clear.  As I see it the main problem is people
> undertaking patches off in corners somewhere rather than discussing
> their work on the mailing lists while they do it.
> If you want more process in this we could institute rules like "feature
> patches will be rejected out of hand if there wasn't previously a spec
> proposal posted to pghackers".  I don't think this is really a good
> idea, but I'm not sure what else to do.

Well stated.

  Bruce Momjian   [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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