On 9/1/06, Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I pummelled Jonah over the recursive query patch.

He did.  Trust me on this... think I still have some bruises too :)

Neither effort was very fruitful, but tracking wasn't what made
them fail.  I am not saying tracking is wrong, but rather tracking would
not have helped make these things happen faster.

This is correct.  I just had too much stuff to do and there wasn't
enough time to get the hierarchical query patch worthy of someone
spending their time on a review.

IMHO, tracking occasionally is alright.  However, as a developer,
being "pummelled" does sometimes get irritating; even to the point
that I will sometimes discontinue working on something because it's
too much of a hassle for me to spend my free-time on.  Though, this
was not the case for hierarchical queries at all; that really was due
to a lack of time.

There's got to be a "happy medium" in which we can keep our status
updated without it becoming an irritation.  Has anyone looked at
something like dotProject?  It may be something we could use for
development.  Of course, there's lots of other tools... but it would
be nice if we had a central location for each task's status so that we
don't have to resort to searching email and/or archives.

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