Gregory Stark wrote:
Martijn van Oosterhout <> writes:

I assume other bug trackers have a similar feature...

Sadly no. That's precisely why I was pushing debbugs so hard earlier.
The weakest of them will send a content-free email saying *something* happened
to your issue and you have to click a link to find out what. Bugzilla is one
step above that: it includes the latest comment though it doesn't thread
comments and it can't handle replies. RT is intended to be email based but it
requires a fair amount of work to get the transparent behaviour you want.

Generally they make you click a link the email and fill in your comments in a
text widget in a browser. That might be acceptable (not to me personally
but...) when you're talking about requests made in some structured environment
where requests are supposed to go through specific workflow. It'll never fly
if you want it to track all the development discussions. I don't see old
school unix hackers used to discussing things in email switching over to some
web based interface to replace development mailing lists.

Bz has a contrib module which I believe is supposed to handle replies. I have not used it and don't know how good it is, but there is nothing to say we can't make it work if we want to.

Maybe you need to take a new look at bz, instead of retailing out of date info.

As for remarks about old school unix hackers not liking web interfaces, I think Tom's recent remarks relating to the 21st century were more than apposite.



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