Tom Lane wrote:

AFAICS the bottom line here is that we need some intelligent filtering.
In the short run I doubt that we can have that except through human
gruntwork to filter the mail traffic and update a tracker database.
Maybe after we see such a system in operation for awhile, we can start
to automate some obvious bits.  But if we start with the assumption that
it's going to be mostly automated on day zero, I predict a resounding

I agree 100%. Lets start off with grunt workers doing their magic in parallel with whatever systems we currently have. They will one by one figure out what to automate, what cannot be automated, and maybe provide value that is promising enough for people to slightly modify their modus operanti for those aspects that cannot be automated. However there will probably always be a great deal of grunt work.

Again Email's are great for discussions and I think its great to link up discussions with a bug or issue tracker id. However Email discussions also often go in circles, are side tracked by IRC discussions etc. So its really hard to figure out what decisions have been made if you look things up later on. So the task of the grunt workers is to make sure that there is a summary of the relevant information available, even if all they do is flag the important decision emails.


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