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I spent months on a working party on these and similar issues a few years back, in a commercial setting. One of the big issues is when you start tracking something. Bugs are a pretty simple case. Features are much harder to handle. Someone comes up with an idea. There is a lot of discussion. a consensus is arrived at to go forward. I think that's the point at which we start tracking, but it's a judgement call. What is we decide not to go ahead? Do we capture that in the tracker (with a resolution of "rejected")?

Exactly its a judgement call. The idea would be to try and pick up each of the proposals in the discussion, summarize them in the issue tracker or via a link to the wiki. This way people do not argue in circles all that much (hopefully) and there is something to vote on. More importantly there is something to point to if the topic ever comes up again and the previous discussion did not lead to a decision. The classic "read the archives" is just very suboptimal.


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