Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Here are the open items for 8.2:

Had a bitmap-index patch arrived in my inbox this morning, as had been
promised to me for three weekends running, I might have been willing to
drop all else and review it.  But, no patch.  This item is dead for 8.2.
Do not even think of suggesting otherwise.

Updatable views are likewise dead --- we don't have a credible patch or
any short-term path to get one.  I hope to see both of these items land
early in the 8.3 devel cycle, but for 8.2, nyet.

The list is missing the issue of removing the long-since-agreed-on-to-remove
contrib modules.

A couple of recently discussed FE/BE protocol issues are: not storing a
plan at all for unnamed-statement cases, and thus allowing bind
parameters to be treated as constants; allowing parameter types to go
unresolved rather than throwing an error.  Perhaps it's too late to
consider these for 8.2, but they seem no more invasive than some other
items on the open-issues list.

Other docs issues:

VALUES-list syntax --- not real clear where to put it

timezone changes: appendix B is out of date, and do we need a list at
all rather than telling people to look at the config file + system view?

                        regards, tom lane

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