On Thursday 14 September 2006 14:16, Tom Lane wrote:
> Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Point I want to make is - all those are cool features(and might be
> > critical for some) but I don't think they warrant a dramatic change in
> > the release cycle policy ...
> Any release is going to have some things that are compelling and some
> that aren't, for any particular person ... it's just that those things
> vary depending on who you are ...
> I was heard to gripe not long ago that feature freeze during August was
> bad timing.  It would be interesting to try to do it during the spring
> instead, just to see if people have more free time then.  So for me,
> +1 for a shorter-than-a-year cycle this time, independently of what
> features make it or don't.

Any chance we could enforce a "no changes to file formats" on this extra-quick 
release?  Otherwise I have to agree with Joshua, I'll be recommending against 
upgrading to 8.2 on any significantly sized databases.

Robert Treat
Build A Brighter LAMP :: Linux Apache {middleware} PostgreSQL

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