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> Well, I'm willing to (and I think usually have) put release-note-grade
> descriptions into commit log messages, but I'm not willing to add "edit
> release.sgml" to the already long process, for two basic reasons:
> * it'd make release.sgml into a commit bottleneck --- if everyone is
> doing it this way, everyone's local copy of the file would be constantly
> out of date, and merge conflicts would be an everyday problem.
> * correct SGML markup is a PITA.
> If *someone else* wants to troll the commit logs every so often and make
> entries into release.sgml, that's fine with me.  But I don't have the
> bandwidth.

Well we could make it "edit release.txt" which someone will fix up and turn
into release.sgml later instead.

I think if you put a big enough separator between entries, say two black
lines, two dashes, and two more blank lines, it wouldn't even cause merge
conflicts if it failed -- it would just insert the new entry in the "wrong"
place which wouldn't really matter.

Or you could have a release-notes directory and create a small text file in
there for each major patch.

  Gregory Stark

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