Bruce Momjian wrote:
> I have completed my first pass over the release notes and Tom has made
> some additions:
> I will probably go over them again in a few hours, update them to
> current CVS, then move them into our SGML documentation by Monday.

Oh, another typo:

This changes the previous behavior where concatenation would adjust the
lower array dimmensions.

It's "dimensions", single m.

Further below, it says:

For example, '2006-05-24 21:11 Americas/New_York'::timestamptz.

However, the example is invalid.  The correct example should be

For example, '2006-05-24 21:11 America/New_York'::timestamptz.

Note these two entries:

Add index information to /contrib/pgstattuple (ITAGAKI Takahiro)

Add functions to /contrib/pgstattuple that show index statistics and
index page contents (Satoshi Nagayasu) 

They should probably be merged into one.

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