> Mark Woodward wrote:
>> I am currently building a project that will have a huge number of
>> records,
>> 1/2tb of data. I can't see how I would ever be able to upgrade
>> PostgreSQL
>> on this system.
> Slony will help you upgrade (and downgrade, for that matter) with no
> downtime at all, pretty much. Of course, you do need double the
> resources ....
> You other suggestion of setting the on disk format in high viscosity
> jello, if not in concrete, seems doomed to failure. Cool features that
> you and other people want occasionally rely on format changes.

I disagree with the "all or nothing" attitude, I'm generally a pragmatist.
It is unreasonable to expect that things will never change, by the same
token, never attempting to standardize or enforce some level of stability
is equally unreasonable.

>From an enterprise DB perspective, a d/r of a database is a HUGE process
and one that isn't taken lightly.

I just think that an amount of restraint in this area would pay off well.

> Of course, you don't have to upgrade every release. Many people
> (including me) don't.

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