On Thu, Oct 05, 2006 at 04:39:22PM -0400, Mark Woodward wrote:
> >
> > Indeed. The main issue for me is that the dumping and replication
> > setups require at least 2x the space of one db. That's 2x the
> > hardware which equals 2x $$$. If there were some tool which modified
> > the storage while postgres is down, that would save lots of people
> > lots of money.
> Its time and money. Stoping a database and staring with new software is a
> lot faster than dumping the data out (disallowing updates or inserts) and
> restoring the data can take hours or days *and* twice the hardware.

In that case there should be people willing to fund the development.
There have been a few people (even in the last few weeks) who say
they're looking into it, perhaps they need a "helping hand"?

Someone got as far as handling catalog updates I beleive,

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