I tried to use COPY command to export and import tables from catalog, but COPY command has problem with data type regproc. See example

  create table test (like pg_aggregate);
  copy pg_aggregate to '/tmp/pg_agg.out';
  copy test from '/tmp/pg_agg.out';

ERROR:  more than one function named "pg_catalog.avg"
CONTEXT:  COPY test, line 1, column aggfnoid: "pg_catalog.avg"

The problem is that pg_proc table has following unique indexes:

 "pg_proc_oid_index" UNIQUE, btree (oid)
"pg_proc_proname_args_nsp_index" UNIQUE, btree (proname, proargtypes, pronamespace)

And regprocin in the backend/utils/adt/regproc.c cannot found unique OID for proname.

Workaround is use binary mode, but on other side aclitem is not supported in the binary mode.

  postgres=# copy pg_class to '/tmp/pg_class.out' binary;
  ERROR:  no binary output function available for type aclitem

The solution is that COPY command will be use OID instead procname for export regproc.


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