I would think that companies that sell closed-source solutions for
PostgreSQL would be modest enough not to push their own agenda for the
documentation.  I think they should just sit back and hope others
suggest it.

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Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> >> A big part of the value of Postgresql is the applications and extensions
> >> that support it. Hiding the existence of some subset of those just
> >> because of the way they're licensed is both underselling postgresql
> >> and doing something of a disservice to the user of the document.
> > 
> > OK, does that mean we mention EnterpriseDB in the section about Oracle
> > functions?
> Way to compare apples to houses their Bruce. We are talking about
> *PostgreSQL* replication solutions. Not *Oracle* compatibility
> functions, However, *if* we had an Oracle compatibility section, I would
> say, "Yes it does make sense to list EnterpriseDB as a Proprietary
> Commercial solution to migrating from Oracle.
> >  Why not mention MS SQL if they have a better solution?
> Because we aren't talking about MS SQL, we are talking about PostgreSQL.
> >  I
> > just don't see where that line can clearly be drawn on what to include.
> > Do we mention Netiza, which is loosely based on PostgreSQL?   It just
> > seems very arbitrary to include commercial software.
> It is no more arbitrary than including *any* information on PostgreSQL
> replication solutions, because PostgreSQL doesn't have any.
> PostgreSQL doesn't do replication, except for PITR (and that is pushing
> it as a replication solution).
> Now.. there are *projects* that enable PostgreSQL to do replication.
> Some of them are Open Source, some of them are commercial products.
> Sincerely,
> Joshua D. Drake
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