>>> they change their business model, if and if.
>> That is no different than the open source offerings. We have 
>> had several open source offerings that have died over the 
>> years. Replicator, for example has always been Replicator and 
>> has been around longer than any of the current replication solutions.
> I think this is a good reason not to list *any* of the products by name
> in the documentation, but instead refer to a page on say techdocs that
> can be more easily updated. And that can contain both free and non-free
> projects, under clear headlines showing the difference.
> The documentation is about PostgreSQL, not about third-party products,
> be they free or commercial. Our *website*, however, should give guidance
> on which specific products we (as a community) know are stable and
> usable along with PostgreSQL (as we do today under downloads, but could
> very well do based on specific uses like replication as well)

I can agree with this :)


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