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Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> We should also take the opportunity to discuss new keywords for the
> XML support -- will we use new grammar, or functions?

The XML stuff is defined in the SQL standard and there are existing
implementations, so any nonstandard syntax is going to be significantly
less useful.  (The other problem is that you can't implement most of
the stuff in functions anyway.)

Yes, it's better not to mix XML syntax discussion and the Tsearch2
configuration syntax discussion in one place. Not only because these
are different things - here we have a discussion of syntax for catalog
manipulation commands, when XML stuff (at least that I was working on
during summer and am going to continue) is about functionality itself.
And in case of XML we have some things to stick to - the standard
papers and existent implementations...

However, Alvaro made me to recall my old thoughts - when I just
started to use Tsearch2 I was wondering why should I explicitly create
column for index - in other databases I shouldn't do this. Indeed,
this is the index and, ideally, all I have to do is to write "CREATE
INDEX ..." only, maybe with some custom (fulltext-special) additions
(and something like "fulltext" instead of "gist").

So, is it possible to let people to avoid explicit "ALTER TABLE .. ADD
COLUMN ... tsvector"? Maybe it would be a "syntax sugar" too, but I
suppose that (especially for postgres-novices) it would simplify the
overall use of Tsearch. For me such changes are more important than
syntax for manipulations with catalog (i.e., I would live with "insert
into ts_cfg ..." one or two years more :-) ). However, I'm sure that
Oleg and Teodor already considered this feature and there should be
some things that prevent from letting users write only "CREATE INDEX"
w/o ALTERing tables...

I don't see any comparable arguments about this full-text search stuff.
In particular I don't see any arguments why a change would necessary at
all, including why moving to core would be necessary in the first

Many hosters with PostgreSQL support (e.g. goDaddy - one of the
biggest hosters) don't provide any contrib module - so people have to
live w/o fulltext search. Then, many sysadmins are afraid of the word
"contrib"... So, there is no doubt for me that adding to core is
really good thing :-)

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