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Ingres is opensource again yes. http://www.ingres.com/ .


> I'm not aware of too many more.  Like I said, if you want to establish
> this as the typical case, name ten examples.

We could also mention all the Ingres-based offshoots that were
commercial.  Let me think of some other examples... but there may not
be that many seeing as there aren't really that many PostgreSQL-like
communities.  I guess I could mention more if I had a clear
understanding of what we mean when we say, "community".

/me will think of some forked projects that are successful, I'm sure
there's quite a few out there.

Many university projects which are fairly community-based go
commercial and the community fades away.  Sometimes a community will
be created around once open source, gone commercial, back to open
source projects like *BSD, POSTGRES, and INGRES.

In my opinion, should a company base it's product on open source,
their first responsibility as a business should be to plan a
continuity strategy around near-catastrophic changes to the project
their basing themselves on.  Lack of doing so would most certainly
make the case that they would fail if the community failed... but then
again, that's just poor business planning at fault and has nothing to
do with the open source community.

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