On Tue, Dec 19, 2006 at 05:40:12PM -0500, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Lukas Kahwe Smith wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I think another point you need to bring out more clearily is that
> > the community is also often "miffed" if they feel they have been
> > left out of the design and testing phases. This is sometimes just
> > a reflex that is not always based on technical reasoning. Its just
> > that as you correctly point out are worried of being "high-jacked"
> > by companies.
> I hate to mention an emotional community reaction in this document.

You don't have to name it that if you don't want to, although respect
(or at least a good simulation of it) is crucial when dealing with any
person or group.  Handing the community a /fait accompli/ is a great
way to convey disrespect, no matter how well-meaning the process
originally was.

> We normally just highlight the inefficiency of a company doing
> things on their own, and the wasted effort of them having to make
> adjustments.

Would it really hurt to touch on some of the "whys" of this?

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