* Joshua D. Drake ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > Some of the packages currently in Debian/unstable which are licensed 
> > under the GPL and linked against libpq4 (a few of which have already
> > provided exceptions for linking against OpenSSL):
> Sounds to me like the list below needs to add an OpenSSL exception and
> that PostgreSQL needs to make mention in the docs somewhere of the
> potential issue.

Gee, thanks.  Perhaps one might consider the license a reason why some
might prefer GNUTLS and would like to see the option?  I'm pretty
confident that Debian, at least, would switch to using GNUTLS for
Postgres were it available.  It's certainly something we'd like to see
supported by upstream as an alternative to OpenSSL.  Given the patch is
available it's possible we could just apply it locally (as was done w/
OpenLDAP) but I really don't think anyone would like to see that.



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