Stephen Frost wrote:
> Yet *having* that requirement on a *derived work* which includes GPL
> code is *against* the terms of the GPL.  That's *exactly* the issue.
> The GPL says more than "you must provide the source code to everything",
> it explicitly includes a requirement that no additional restrictions be
> put on the derivative (lest requirements for no-additional-distribution
> or must-charge-for-other-distribution be added which defeats much of the
> point of the GPL).

Our BSD license has this restriction: 

> provided that the above copyright notice and this
> paragraph and the following two paragraphs appear in all copies.

Why is this not an _additional_ restriction, and hence GPL and BSD
software cannot be bundled into a binary?  What does "appear in all
copies" mean, especially if you don't need to ship the source code under
the BSD license?

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