David Fetter wrote:
This seems a bit like piecemeal reform. Here are some things I'd like to see that affect this area:

. merge pg_dump and pg_dumpall (e.g. add a flag to pg_dump that says do the lot)
. multi-db non-text dumps

And while we're about it, can we teach pg_restore to handle text dumps? Even if it just transparently called psql it would be nice.

+1 on all of this :)

Hmm, well I have no interest in the latter at present, but assuming the powers that be will allow me some time to do so, I will look at merging pg_dump and pg_dumpall as that seems to be the way people want to go. I'd also like to tweak the options for global objects to allow roles and tablespaces to be dumped seperately from each other if no-one objects.

D (who can contribute code once we've agreed on what it should do)

Cool - fancy picking up the multi-db non text and pg_restore bits if I do the former?

Regards, Dave.

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