Takayuki Tsunakawa wrote:
> Hello,
> Let me ask about the background of configuration files.  I couldn't
> find the relevant information in the 8.2 documentation.  I'm sorry to
> cause you trouble.
> In section "17.1. Setting Parameters", include directive is described.
> Why was this directive prepared?  What usage is assumed?  Is it for
> GUI tools, or for placing custom parameters in other files?
> In section "17.2. File Locations", the following parameters are
> described:
> data_directory (string)
> config_file (string)
> hba_file (string)
> ident_file (string)
> external_pid_file (string)
> What demand is assumed for placing configuration files outside the
> data directory?  Is it for placing configuration files in /etc to
> conform to the FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, as documented
> below) to enable the backup of all configuration files on the system?

It was designed for people who have multiple postmasters, but and want
to centralize some of that configuation.

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