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> "Takayuki Tsunakawa" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Still, I don't understand well why config files need to be placed
>> outside the data directory, except for daring conform to FHS.
> The killer argument for it is that most of what is in $PGDATA should
> excluded from your normal filesystem backup method, because you need
> be using some database-aware mechanism for backing up the database.
> the config files are perfectly suited for standard filesystem
> and indeed will *not* be covered by, say, pg_dumpall.  So putting
> somewhere else helps in creating a coherent backup strategy.

Thank you, I've understood the reason for placement.  As I supposed,
it is provided mainly for placing config files in /etc to allow
frequent backup of the configuration as a whole system, because most
config files of UNIX are stored in /etc (recommended so in FHS) and
/etc is small.

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