Thx Russel,
I want to control it from software, changing network access via pg_hba with software doesnt feel right.

================ possible case================
Say I have a Group called Normal_Rights and one called Zero_Rights.

So dB runs as... Normal_Rights(User A, User B, User C, User D)
Then via sql, superuser REVOKEs those user rights and GRANTs them
Zero_Rights(User A, User B, User C, User D)... ie make users a member of the ZERO rights group.

Then hopefully Postgres kicks them out gracefully?????

Then software make changes and switch's them back to their Normal_Rights group.

================ or  more general case================
RECORD all the SQL for all user rights...
REVOKE everything except needed software superusers (postgres, and program superuser).
make changes via software.
PLAY BACK all the rights SQL script.

What do you think, will PG kill connections, let them go gracefully, stop after current transaction????

================ maybe I'm in the wrong tree================

Yes I'm thinking that too:

Is it possible to make quick structural changes to postgres, with user activety?

of course.

Maybe start a transaction that changes structure... wonder if that will stop or hold user activity???

Usually not - all your DDL is done in a transaction just like any other
access users would make. So it only fails (but as a whole) if you want
to modify locked tables and such. But you would not end up w/ a partly
changed database in any case. Just make sure you do everything in
a transaction. No need to suspend user accounts for that.


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