This is a fairly large patch and I would like the chance to review it
before it goes in --- "we'll commit tomorrow" is not exactly a decent
review window.
Not a problem.

One possible argument for this over the contrib version is a saner
approach to dumping and restoring configurations.  However, as against

1) what's the upgrade path for getting an existing tsearch2
configuration into this implementation?

It's should clear enough for now - dump data from old db and load into new one. But dump should be without any contrib/tsearch2 related functions.

2) once we put this in core we are going to be stuck with supporting its
SQL API forever.  Are we convinced that this API is the one we want?
I don't recall even having seen any proposal or discussion.  It was OK
for tsearch2's API to change every release while it was in contrib, but
the expectation of stability is a whole lot higher for core features.

Basic tsearch2 SQL API doesn't changed since its first release, just extended. As I can see, there isn't any standard of fulltext search in SQL. DB/2, MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL use different SQL API. I don't know which better. I remember only one suggestion: 'CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX ...'. So, I believe, existing SQL API satisfies users. But it possible to emulate on grammar level subset of MySQL
SQL commands
CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX idxname ON tbl [ USING {GIN|GIST} ] ( field1[, [...]] );
SELECT .. FROM table WHERE MATCH( field1[, [...]] ) AGAINST ( txt );

will be translated to
CREATE INDEX idxname ON tbl [ USING {GIN|GIST} ] ( to_tsquery(field1)[ || 
[...]] );
SELECT .. FROM table WHERE ( to_tsquery(field1)[ || [...]] ) @@ plainto_tsquery( txt );

  1 that is full equivalent MySQL's MATCH() AGAINST (txt IN BOOLEAN MODE)
  2 it requires to keyword MATCH & AGAINST which cannot be a function's name
    without quoting.

Internal API changed sometimes (not every release), but I don't see a problem here: all other internal API's in postgres are often changed.

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