Joshua D. Drake wrote:
The problem with this proposal is that the ISPs aren't the ones running
configure --- these days, most people are running prebuilt packages
(RPMs or DEBs or what have you).  So what you are hoping is that the
packagers will choose to do this and thereby force these modules into
the "standard" configuration for everybody using their packages.  I'm
not sure that the packagers will change ... well maybe Gentoo will,
but not anyone with more conservative policies ... and I'm pretty sure
any who do will get push-back from people who still won't trust contrib.

Well perhaps it is time to trim Contrib even further. E.g;

Why is ltree still in contrib? What prevents it from being in core?

not sure - ltree is quite useful but I'm not convinced it is really core material

Why is pgcrypto,pgstattuple and pg_freespacemap in contrib?

I would like to see pgcrypto (or at least some of it's functionality) in core. pgstattuple is still being quite activily developed (just look at the large changes/feature enhancements for 8.2 which seems like a sign of it not being ready yet. pg_freespacemap is iirc new as of 8.2 so it imho never was a candidate for core.


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