> You miss the point.  Everybody knows that those laws are not too hard
> to circumvent if you are willing to break the law.  The question is
> how hard is it for someone to distribute Postgres into one of those
> countries *without* breaking any local law.  We won't be making things
> better if we make it difficult or impossible to put together a
> crypto-free PG distribution; we'll just be cutting off some potential
> users.

O.k. that is certainly true.

> As Peter keeps pointing out, this urge to push everything into core is
> misguided anyway.

I do not believe we need to push everything into core. I do believe
there is a lot of stuff that is not in core, that could be and possibly
should be.

>  The fact that you can build useful functionality as
> extension modules is a strength of PG, not a weakness, and we should
> build on that strength instead of running away from it.  If you ask me
> we should be working on these things:

I am not suggesting it is a weakness in any way. I think its great. I am
just saying there appears to be several modules that really should be in
core that aren't.

> * Better packaging support, eg make it easier to add/remove an extension
> module and control how pg_dump deals with it.  We talked about that
> awhile back but nobody did anything with the ideas.

Yes that would be great.

> * Better documentation for the contrib modules; some of them are
> reasonably well doc'd now, but many are not, and in almost all cases
> it's only plain text not SGML.

Agreed... more to the point, if it is in contrib it needs to be
documented in Docbok and it needs to have a section in the main docs.

> * Better advertising, for instance make the contrib documentation
> available on the website (which probably requires SGML conversion
> to happen first...)



Joshua D. Drake

>                       regards, tom lane


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