>> Well perhaps it is time to trim Contrib even further. E.g;
>> Why is ltree still in contrib? What prevents it from being in core?
> not sure - ltree is quite useful but I'm not convinced it is really core
> material


>> Why is pgcrypto,pgstattuple and pg_freespacemap in contrib?
> I would like to see pgcrypto (or at least some of it's functionality) in
> core.
> pgstattuple is still being quite activily developed (just look at the
> large changes/feature enhancements for 8.2 which seems like a sign of it
> not being ready yet.

Is PostgreSQL not under active development? Is it not receiving large
changes or feature enhancements?

> pg_freespacemap is iirc new as of 8.2 so it imho never was a candidate
> for core.

I think you are missing my point. I only picked contribs that seemed
logical to be in core. The point of the post was the discussion, not the
particular module.

Joshua D. Drake

> Stefan
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