Jan Wieck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> The value definitions of tg_enabled would be

>      A   fires always
>      N   fires never
>      O   fires on transaction origin only
>      R   fires on replica only

> A new per session GUC variable, restricted to superusers, will define if 
> the session is in origin or replica mode.

Are you sure two states are enough?

No particular objection, but now would be the time to think if a boolean
is sufficient.

> Likewise the system catalog pg_rewrite is extended with an attribute 
> ev_enabled. It will have the same possible values and a new command, 

I assume there'd be no intention of supporting on-the-fly changes of
this setting (ie, you'd set the GUC variable once at session startup
and not change thereafter)?  Otherwise you'd have a problem with cached

                        regards, tom lane

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