Jan Wieck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> A   fires always
>>> N   fires never
>>> O   fires on transaction origin only
>>> R   fires on replica only

> Good question. I don't know. I'd rather error on the safe side and make 
> it multiple states, for now I only have Normal and Replica mode.

Hm, "N" up there seems easily confused with "Normal".  Perhaps a less
mistake-prone coding would be

        1       fires always
        0       fires never
        N       fires in "Normal" mode
        R       fires in "Replica" mode
        other letters available for other future mode values?

If you consistently think of "origin" and "replica" modes then the
original proposal is better (using both 0 and O would be Real Bad),
but your use of "normal" and "replica" in the followup makes me wonder
which terminology is more common.

                        regards, tom lane

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