* Henry B. Hotz ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> If anyone is interested I currently have working-but-incomplete  
> patches to support SASL in C.  I've decided not to finish and submit  
> them because the glue code to make configuration reasonable, and to  
> allow use of existing Postgres password databases with the password- 
> based mechanisms is still significant.

I'd certainly like to take a look at it.  I'm not entirely sure I follow
what you mean by 'allow use of existing Postgres password databases'-
I'm not sure SASL support requires that ability (after all, if they want
to use the 'md5' or similar mechanism they can with the current
protocol).  Or am I missing something about how the SASL implementation
is done or intended to be used?  I'd tend to think it'd mainly be used
as a mechanism to support other authentication mechanisms which don't
use the internal Postgres passwords...



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