On Sun, Jan 28, 2007 at 01:58:38PM -0800, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> >> Well to me that gets a little messy. I mean:
> >>
> >> pg_catalog,public,<user schemas>,xml2,ltree (just to get a could
> >> functions?) etc...
> > 
> > Not as messy as trying to drop or re-create a package when there
> > are already 500 functions in the public schema.
> I am not sure I understand the correlation. I am not suggesting we
> install anything into public. They would all go into a single
> additional schema called extensions or some such.

I don't think "all or nothing" is a good way to do this.  500
functions in a schema called extensions isn't much more helpful than
500 in public.  There's a reason namespaces were invented long ago,
and this is classic use case for same. :)

> >>>> Obviously the initdb switch could also be selective:
> >>>>
> >>>> initdb --enable-extensions
> >>> If it were an initdb switch, I'd want to have something more
> >>> like
> >>>
> >>> --enable-extension=earthdistance
> >> And have to parse for each extension?
> > 
> > I don't see this as a big problem.
> Well I am not really interesting in this. Someone else is welcome to
> try that.

It's really not hard, even for a C n00b like me. :)

The only trick here, and again it's not a huge one, is to modify the
postgresql.conf to have the correct default search_path.

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