Tom Lane wrote:
It appears that the libraries listed in shared_preload_libraries will
*not* be inherited by spawned backends on Win32 platforms.

Well, yeah, because it's a fork/exec on that platform.

Should we just call process_shared_preload_libraries() after calling
read_nondefault_variables() (in SubPostmasterMain())?

I don't entirely see the point.  The value of shared_preload_libraries
is to avoid paying per-process overhead to load the libraries, and that
benefit is already lost in a fork/exec world.  Might as well just let
the libraries be loaded when and if needed.

The only benefit I can see is that it would assist in having a common configuration.

I think we've failed to document that shared_preload_libraries doesn't
work on Windows, which is an oversight.

Maybe postmaster should also log a warning if it detects this.



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