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> Add documentation for Windows on how to set an environment variable. 
> Backpatch to 8.2.X.
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>     pgsql/doc/src/sgml:
>         libpq.sgml (r1.224 -> r1.225)
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The exact naming and placing of the buttons you click is version
dependent.  For example, if you use "Classic Folders", it's not there.
For that one, the common ground is to right-click and select properties
instead, works for both.
And the dialogs look completely different between Win2000 and XP/2003.
Luckily in this case the button is named the same, but the placement is
completely different.
I don't have a Vista around right now, but given how much else they've
changed, it wouldn't surprise me if this has also changed...

Bottom line: do we really want to document for people how to use
Windows? I don't see us documenting how to set an environment variable
in Unix... And *if* we want to do it, might it live better in the
Windows FAQ?


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