Zeugswetter Andreas ADI SD wrote:
And "time based"
is surely one of the important conflict resolution methods for async MM

That's what I'm questioning. Wouldn't any other deterministic, but seemingly random abort decision be as clever as time based conflict resolution? It would then be clear to the user that it's random and not some "in most cases time based, but no in others and only if..." thing.

Sure there are others, like "rule based" "priority based" but I think
you don't need additional backend functionality for those.

Got the point, yes. I'm impatient, sorry.

Neither the less, I'm questioning if is it worth adding backend functionality for that. And given this probably is the most wanted resolution method, this question might be "heretical". You could also see it as sort of an user educating question: don't favor time based resolution if that's the one resolution method with the most traps.



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