Jan Wieck wrote:
Are we still discussing if the Postgres backend may provide support for
a commit timestamp, that follows the rules for Lamport timestamps in a
multi-node cluster?

No. And I think you know my opinion about that by now. ;-)

It seems more like we are drifting into what type of
replication system I should design to please most people.

Nobody is telling you what you should do. You're free to do whatever you want to.

I'm only trying to get a discussion going, because a) I'm interested in how you plan to solve these problems and b) in the past, most people were complaining that all the different replication efforts didn't try to work together. I'm slowly trying to open up and discuss what I'm doing with Postgres-R on the lists.

Just yesterday at the SFPUG meeting, I've experienced how confusing it is for the users to have such a broad variety of (existing and upcoming) replication solutions. And I'm all for working together and probably even for merging different replication solutions.



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