On Thu, 8 Feb 2007, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> Well how deep are we talking here? My understanding of what Jan wants to
> do is simple.
> Be able to declare which triggers are fired depending on the state of
> the cluster.
> In Jan's terms, the Origin or Subscriber. In Replicator terms the Master
> or Slave.
> This is useful because I may have a trigger on the Master and the same
> trigger on the Slave. You do not want the trigger to fire on the Slave
> because we are doing data replication. In short, the we replicate the
> result, not the action.
> However, you may want triggers that are on the Slave to fire separately.
> A reporting server that generates materialized views is a good example.
> Don't tie up the Master with what a Slave can do.

It'd be great if Jan considers the blending of replication; any given DB
instance shouldn't be only a master/originator or only a slave/subscriber.
A solution that lets you blend replication strategies in a single db is,
from my point of view, very important.

> > I have no clue what got you into what you are doing here.

Jan, some sleep now and then might be helpful to your public disposition.


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