On 2/8/2007 11:41 PM, Richard Troy wrote:
On Thu, 8 Feb 2007, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

Well how deep are we talking here? My understanding of what Jan wants to
do is simple.

Be able to declare which triggers are fired depending on the state of
the cluster.

In Jan's terms, the Origin or Subscriber. In Replicator terms the Master
or Slave.

This is useful because I may have a trigger on the Master and the same
trigger on the Slave. You do not want the trigger to fire on the Slave
because we are doing data replication. In short, the we replicate the
result, not the action.

However, you may want triggers that are on the Slave to fire separately.
A reporting server that generates materialized views is a good example.
Don't tie up the Master with what a Slave can do.

It'd be great if Jan considers the blending of replication;

Please elaborate. I would really like to get all you can contribute.

> I have no clue what got you into what you are doing here.

Jan, some sleep now and then might be helpful to your public disposition.

Richard, don't embarrass Bruce. He doesn't need your help.

I have been with this project and know Bruce Momjian for more than 10 years. Every now and then, Bruce and I get into some sort of eventually publicly visible dispute that doesn't really mean much. I'll probably spend next Christmas with him and his family again, play a few rounds of backgammon with Wilma (who I really owe a revenge), hopefully don't interfere too much with Christine's work (especially when it involves handling food over a white carpet) and none of us will even remember this crap. Our friendship has been through some real tests. Any real problem we would have, we'd never discuss here. We would just meet and talk.


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