I just wanted to bring up the wishlist todo items:

All items have a name behind them aside from "Better handling of partitioning". Does anyone feel responsible for handling that one?

Anyways I would appreciate it if people who's name is behind each of the items to either mail this list or me directly to let me know if they are still handling this item for 8.3 or not. I will then make sure to update the list accordingly. The applies if an item is missing.

For convenience here is the current state:

The following items are on the table for 8.3:

    * On disk bitmap index (Gavin)
    * WITH RECURSIVE hierarchical queries (Gregory Stark)
    * Better handling of partitioning
    * SQL:2003 windowing queries (Gavin)
    * Improvements to autovac (Alvaro Herrera)
    * SQL/XML support per SQL:2003 (Peter)
    * Notification payload messages (Andrew Dunstan)
    * Fix permissions properly on custom GUC vars (Andrew Dunstan)
    * Create a mechanism for plperl to load modules safely (Andrew Dunstan)
    * Plan invalidation (Tom, Heikki)
    * Tsearch2 in core (Teodor Sigaev, Oleg Bartunov)
    * Grouped Index Tuples (Heikki)
    * Hot Updates (Pavan)
    * Reuse of index tuples (Simon Riggs)
    * ENUM (Tom Dunstan)
    * GENERATED/IDENTITY patches (Zoltan Boszormenyi)
    * Updatable VIEWs (Bernd)


The following features are unlikely to make it into 8.3 at this point:

    * SQL/PSM support per SQL:2003 (Pavel)
    * Clustered/replication solutions


    * Operator family rewrite (Tom)


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