I wrote:
>> * Add an oid[] column to pg_constraint that stores the equality operator
>> OIDs for a foreign-key constraint, in the same column order as conkey[]
>> and confkey[].

It turns out this isn't sufficient: ri_Check_Pk_Match() wants to
generate PK = PK checks, and the PK = FK operator isn't the right one
for that.  The information I suggested adding to pg_constraint isn't
enough to let it find out which operator is the right one.

We could handle this in a couple of ways:

1. Add yet another column with PK=PK operator OIDs to pg_constraint.

2. Add a column with the underlying PK index's OID to pg_constraint, and
expect ri_Check_Pk_Match to dredge the info from that.  This is probably
possible, but not exactly trivial because of which-column-is-which

3. Leave pg_constraint alone and expect ri_Check_Pk_Match to look in
pg_depend to find out the underlying PK index, then proceed as in #2.

>From an efficiency standpoint #1 seems the best, and yet it seems a bit
ugly.  Not that the others aren't.  Comments, other ideas?

                        regards, tom lane

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