On Tue, February 13, 2007 01:45, Peter Eisentraut wrote:

> Most of the core team is convinced that the postgresql-foo tarballs are
> useless, but Marc insists on keeping them.  But since they are nearly
> useless, no one tests them, so it is not surprising that they don't
> work.

Well, hurray for Marc!  I'm writing from a country where "broadband" is
still measured in kilobits per second, and the government censors (and
causes the various companies and government monopolies along the way to
censor) Internet traffic, keeping the ICT infrastructure slow and
unreliable.  International bandwidth comes at premium prices for those who
can afford serious connections.  Much hardware on sale here is either
counterfeit or export products that failed quality-control tests or
otherwise "fell of the boat."  Downloads are sometimes quietly corrupted,
without any errors at the TCP level.  Long-lived connections often time

Not having to download half again the size of a "-base" tarball can make a
difference in those situations, as can not having to download it all in
one single large file.


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