Nikolay Samokhvalov wrote:
> Now we have --with-libxml (and USE_LIBXML constant for #ifdef-s), what
> is not absolutely right: XML support is smth that is more general than
> "using libxml2 library". E.g., some SQL/XML publishing functions (such
> as XMLPI) do not deal with libxml2.
> Also, in the future more "non-libxml" functionality could be added to
> "XML support" (well, Peter's recent SQL-to-XML mapping functions prove
> it).
> I think it'd better to rename configure option to --enable-xml and
> USE_LIBXML to ENABLE_XML. I'll do it if there are no objections.

I think it would be better that leaving --with-libxml out (i.e.
compiling without libxml2 support) would only disable those parts in XML
functionality that require libxml2 for their implementation; the rest of
the stuff should be compiled in regardless of the setting.

Is this not what is done currently?

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