If I may, I'll add a few words to this discussion:

Basically, I'm seeing that three things need to be decided upon:

  1. Do you want to stay with CVS or do you want to move to something
  2. If you want to move, when?  Is now a good time, or is it better
     to look at it another time.  This may be a question of what
     people you have who'd do the job, what kind of time they have for
     the moment and so on.
  3. What would you want a replacement to be able to do?

When those questions are answered and people are behind it, then it's
time to look at the different systems and see what' the best match to
your desires.

So far, I'm getting the sense that there are a lot of opinions on what
replacement system to use, a bit carelessly before having answered the
above questions thoroughly.



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