On Feb 23, 2007, at 11:24 , Andreas Pflug wrote:

It probably _can_ never happen, because that would have to be a
one-for-all solution, embracing both centric and distributed
repositories, combining contradictionary goals. So the first question to
answer is: Will PostgreSQL continue with a single repository (the
project was managed very successfully this way for a long time), or try a distributed approach. IMHO facts would quote for a central repository,
which would drastically reduce SCM candidates.

Any distributed SCM can be inherently be used as a central repo. The project leaders would merely designate one place from whence builds are generated and developers would simply sync with the "central" repo.

In fact, distributed SCMs fit the open source development model better because any failure of the "central" repo (crash, buy-out, sabotage, needing a project fork) cannot cause chaos: a new "central" repo is designated- essentially an instant failover.


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