Josh Berkus wrote:
>> People weren't very interested in having a read-only mode. I think it
>> would be a nice feature if it's not too complicated.
> Actually, I think there's high demand for it off this list.  Effectively it 
> would allow our "warm backup mode" to become a "hot backup mode".   As SoC 
> admin, I'd vote for such a proposal unless someone explains to me why it's 
> impossible.

One thing I would like noted, is whoever does SoC work for PostgreSQL
this year, needs to work *with* the community. Otherwise there is no point.

A good example of the wrong way to do it is the Full Disjunctions
project. Great idea, Great project, not bitrot and hard space because it
hasn't been touched or maintained sense release.

In order to get it into core, it would have needed a lot of work. Let's
make sure we don't duplicate the issue.

Joshua D. Drake


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