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A good example of the wrong way to do it is the Full Disjunctions
project. Great idea, Great project, not bitrot and hard space because it
hasn't been touched or maintained sense release.

Don't get me started there.  The decision was split between PostgreSQL
core 50/50 for inclusion in contrib, yet it was not included.  As I
said at the time, people will move on and the project would go to
pgfoundry (which I called the graveyard) and die; which is exactly
what happened.  And, in the Full Disjunctions project's defense, the
community was wholly at fault.  He posted several times for
suggestions and most of the community responses were, "why would we
care about or want that."

The community can't rely on contributors, especially students, to
spend months of their time pushing ideas through a gauntlet of

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