> He already did over a year and half research on the subject, wrote the
> code for it, published a paper on it, and offered it to the community.
> Why would he choose to spend more time getting beaten up for
> something that's already behind him?

If he is not willing to proceed with public debate, I fail to see the
purpose in doing the work at all.

> Perhaps you don't recall.. but his design and research was far more
> than almost all other PostgreSQL features.  The only one longer was
> perhaps the HOT design.

Hmmm and look at HOT. That would be an example of how it *should* be
done. HOT has been a constant influx of WIP patches and discussion *to
the community* and thusly to rounding out nicely to be a great feature.

Full Disjunctions did not do that.

>> For the record, I like the idea of full disjunctions but they must past
>> quality muster to be included in the community.
> Again, he offered to fix anything anyone had issues with... but people

Then why didn't he fix them? There were specific problems people had.

> were too busy whining about the feature itself than to provide sound
> advice for moving forward.

Guess we will have to agree to disagree. That is not my recollection of
the events on any level.


Joshua D. Drake


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