On Saturday 24 February 2007 19:18, Tom Lane wrote:
> What's with the high pressure sales tactics?  It's already been
> explained to you that the key PG developers feel no particular reason
> to change at this time.

I am not trying to be high pressure. I just wanted to give something back to 
the PostgreSQL community, both by contributing to the discussion and offering 
to contribute time to the effort if I could help that way. I am also not 
trying to get you to do this tomorrow. I'd like to help it happen, if 
possible, though.

> Given the amount of activity currently going on in the SCMS world,
> it seems to me that we should wait another year or two before making
> a decision on switching.  If CVS were a major pain point for us
> then I'd be willing to consider moving now, but it still gets the job
> done.

I am sure that CVS will allow the maintenance of code into the future. There 
are just some systems out there that help manage it better. SVN appears to be 
the best CVS resplacement right now. SVN does everything that CVS does and 
then some. SVN has also been around for over 5 years now and is pretty mature 
and portable. I think that most of the benefits become more clear after 
moving to the system.

As for timing, I am sure that the beginning of a development cycle would be 
better than the beginning of a freeze preparing for release, but it seems 
that not checking things out in the near term will only delay the ability to 
reap the benefits of the newer SCMS systems.

Warren Turkal (w00t)

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